Top 5 Romantic Destination for Asian Wedding Photography in London


When the colours of the flowers have worn out, when the wedding gown took a corner place on the closet, when we have almost forgotten the taste of the cake of the event; it is the photographs which keep the tinkling the tune of the wedding bells all through the life. So take some extra time to decide the venue for the wedding photography. And when it comes to Asian wedding, you need to be more choosy cause you need to represent your custom as well. Here we will shortlist 5 most romantic destination for the Asian wedding photography in London.


Known as Rive Gauche of London, the South Bank of London is the ultimate romantic destination for Asian wedding photography. The pink sky, white water and skyline of the town can make the perfect background for romantic poses of the outstanding couples. The place may be a little crowded at times but the night beauty of South Bank with the cultural feast and lighting can never fail to impress you.


For the scenic combination of Albert pink and white, Chelsea can create a dramatic medieval backdrop for Asian wedding photography in UK. The place is most photogenic in April for its pink sky.

Trafalgar Square and Westminster

To capture the true London vibe, you must consider Trafalgar Square. The true blue London crowd with the fountain, crossing and steps will create the right essence of for a scene where the couple can become lost in each other eyes.

Blenheim Palace

The royal palace with its classy view on the milieu and the promise of walking side by side all through the life – can anything become more romantic than this? Select a day with bright light and clear sky to set up the environment of the most royal Asian wedding photography.

Richmond Park

The blue sky, the green foliage and the colourful blooms – nature scatters all colours from her palette to paint the canvas to capture the romantic gesture of the couple. Take all the chances to exploit the natural beauty of the park and create a perfect portfolio for your wedding.

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