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Having covered Indian weddings in the UK and abroad we can say one thing about them. We love them. South Asian weddings in general can sometimes be seen as an organised messed to the untrained eye but for some reason it always falls into place at the end and we are there to capture it all. From start to finish. 

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Yes, Indian wedding photography is sometimes a lot of work, often hectic. There is a lot going on and lots to cover often well over 12 hours at a time and some even spanning over several days. It's that rush and pressure that keeps us going. 



With that in mind, we would like to help other Indian photographers with some useful information. Here are some tips for any budding wedding photographer who wants to cover an Indian wedding. 


1. Understand your clients expectations and manage them well. If you are new in the the game, start off with a small wedding. Remember, Indian weddings are often big and extravagant and the client may expect the same from the photography - to provide large and extravagant albums - if you don't then there will be trouble for you after. We are talking about this from experience. 



2. Be prepared for Indian timing. That's right. Sometimes things do go to plan but most often they don't, but stay calm. Don't panic and enjoy it. Its almost a tradition to. Our very own photographers were late to their own weddings. No joke, ask us and we will tell you more about that.  

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3. Working with a clan full of Indian wedding videographers. Just do it. Often you will go to a wedding expecting a small team of 2 or 3 videographers but in reality it turns out to be a full on Bollywood production and they will all want you to get out the way. If you shoot prime, use a 50mm or an 85mm on your 2nd camera. If you have a zoom lens use that. 


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Are you here looking for an Indian wedding photographer in Leicester? We are Midlands based wedding photographers covering Hindu and Sikh weddings across the UK with Leicester being one of our favourite places. We know Leicester well and some of us even went to uni there. Get in touch using the contact form to see how we can help. 

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There are many Indian wedding photographers in Manchester, Coventry and around the West Midlands. We alway recommend you go for someone whos work you like the look of. Please have a look at some of the images on our site and if you like what you see, let us know. We will be happy to help. 

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We are almost based in Birmingham, West Bromwich to be precise. It's close to home for us all. We wont be needing accommodation and charge extra for travel anywhere in the Midlands. If you are looking for some friendly Indian photographers who are passionate about what they do. Look no further. We can help. Get in touch today for prices and packages.